What Is It With The Clothes?

One of the misconceptions that we regularly hear is in regards to the clothing. People may say that they like the old style guns, but they don’t want to play “dress up.” Clothing is just one part of the sport, and our shooters across the nation range from those that take great pride in being historically accurate, to those that want to dress like their B-Western heroes, to those that just want to dress the minimum to be legal. Bear in mind that we are not historical reenactors. This is a shooting sport with minimal clothing requirements, and all are welcome.

You may see many people at our events that look like they stepped out of the 1880s, but you do not have to go that far in order to take part in a sport that is the most fun you can have with your boots on. All that is required of your clothing is the following: jeans, long sleeve “cowboy style” shirt, cowboy hat, and boots. If you choose to go farther, that is great, but we will not look down on you for dressing to the minimum, and this allows most people to get started with clothes that are probably already hanging in their closet.

The only exception to this is for those of you that choose to compete in the categories that are costume based, such as Classic Cowboy or B-Western, but we don’t recommend that shooters start here. Start off with age-based categories and get your feet wet, and then decide what you would like to branch off into.

The only clothing that is specifically banned by SASS is the following:

  • Modern shooting gloves
  • Short sleeve shirts (applies to males only)
  • T-shirts and tanks tops (though long sleeve Henley shirts with buttons are allowed)
  • Designer jeans
  • Ball caps
  • Athletic shoes or combat boots (some exceptions can be made if need is due to medical issues)
  • Logos or sponsorship on clothing

Saddle up and join us soon!

Writen by BigTex