Wagon Project Before and After

For those of you that have been following the progress of the wagon repairs, you can see that this prop has really seen some big improvements, and is safe to use on our stages once again. Rather than scroll through all the progress pictures, we thought you might like to see the before and after of the project. More projects are coming soon as time and the weather allow.



Come join us in 2015 for some great cowboy times!

Wagon Project Completed

Well, it has been really busy in the shop, but we finally were able to finish repairing the wagon and bringing it to what it needed to be. Thanks to some assistance from the park employees, after the frame was attached and the wheels were back on, we got the seat attached and the wagon was finally completed. Today’s progress is documented below:

First, we drilled holes in the bed so the frame could be attached.

Then it was time to start attaching the frame.

After the frame was attached, it was time to start assembling the wheels to the frame.

After turning the wagon upright, it was time to tighten the bolts on the bed one last time.

Then, the final assembly step of attaching the new seat to the wagon bed.

Just a few spots needed a touch up of stain after all the work, and we were able to step back and enjoy the view of a job well done.

We look forward to enjoying this new prop with you in 2015.

Wagon Project Moving Along

Well, we made even more progress today than I anticipated. Special thanks to some honorary cowboys at the Heartland Public Shooting Park today. Bill Starkey and his crew made sure that I had everything I needed to get started, and Jake and Toby did a fantastic job of building a custom seat for the wagon. This will really make this prop “pop” when we are done. Here you can see our progress today,

One of the wheels fell off the sad old wagon trying to get it into the shop. Time to get the old girl looking good.

Then it was time to start disassembling the old wagon to start the rebuild process

After taking apart the frame, it was time to start painting the wheels

Then it was time to get the frame looking fresh and good

While the frame was drying, it was time to gather the lumber and start building the bed for the wagon

Now that the bed was built, it was time to give it a fresh coat of stain to protect it

Just as the bed was finished, the honorary cowboys at the park brought me over the new seat they built for it

I couldn’t let that great seat not look as good as the bed, so it was time to get it stained as well

Things will get a good drying this week, and next weekend we will do final assembly. Then it will be time to decide on the next project for the winter. We will posts updates after we finish it up. We hope you will come join us next season

Upcoming Cowboy Project

As many of you are aware, our cowboy props at Heartland Public Shooting Park have seen their better days, and most of them are in serious need of repairs or outright rebuilds. That is one of our goals for the coming year as we prepare to host you for the Iron Duke Match in October 2015. The days are short and the weather is cold, so we are somewhat limited on what we will be able to accomplish before Spring, but we are going to do what we can.

The first project we have decided to work on is the wagon. This is something that we can repair in the shop, so we will not be hindered by weather. As you can see, we have a bent axle, the frame is in need of some rust repair, and the wood is warped and rotten. Keep checking back on our progress, and we will show you what the group has been able to accomplish. As soon as he repairs are completed, we will post pictures of the new and improved wagon for our stages.

We look forward to shooting with you in 2015.




2015 Annual Match

As many of you are aware, our club has not had an annual match for a few years. In 2015, we are planning on changing that, with a twist. Rather than try to take on a huge multi-day match, we are going to do a one day, eight stage match with a theme. The match will be on October 18, 2015, and we look forward to having you one the range with us for a day of playing cowboy.

Of course, the theme for this year is the hero of all of us…John Wayne. All stages will be based on a different John Wayne movie, and the name of the the match is:

The 2015 Iron Duke Match

The movies we have chosen for this match include the following:

  • Angel and the Badman
  • Chisum
  • El Dorado
  • The Alamo
  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
  • The Searchers
  • The Shootist
  • The Undefeated

There are also a couple of twists to this match. One stage is shotgun only, and one stage has some rifle knockdowns. We guarantee that you will have a blast!

All SASS rules apply, and we will be giving awards to the top three in every category. SASS membership is recommended, but not required. However, in the case of a conflict in cowboy names, the registered SASS name will trump, and the non-SASS member will need to pick a different name.

Costs for the match are very reasonable, $50 for adults, and $35 for youth. Lunch will be included. As long as everyone cooperates in policing brass, this will not be a lost brass match. The only exception would be if time is running short and shooters are not helping to police brass. I am sure we can work this out so people can get their brass after they shoot.

Entry forms will be available soon. Get your entry in early, as we are limiting the entries to 75 so we can make sure to complete all the stages and give awards in a single day.

See ya then, pilgrim!