Almost Time for the First Cowboy Shoot of the Year

Saddle up pardners! It had been a long winter and a long wait, but the irst cowboy match of the year at Heartland Public Shooting Park i Grand Island, Nebraska is coming up on July 18th. We will be shooting six main match stages on three baysAlso as a art of this shoot, you will get a chance to see and use the completely rebuilt wagon and some of the props we painted over the winter. More work remains to be done, but we got a good start.

Check in for the match starts at 8:00am

Safety Meeting at 8:30am

Shooting starts at 9:00am

Cost for the match is $15, and lunch in not included. We look forward to shooting with you.

If you want to get a peek at the stages we will be shooting, they are as follows:

Army Deserter

Bad Timing

Broken Axle

Heading to Town

New Guns


Iron Duke Ammo Counts

We have heard from some shooters that were wondering what the ammunition counts for the Iron Duke match will be. Just so you know, the minimum round counts are as follows:

  • 140 rifle/pistol
  • 42+ shotgun

You are going to get a full day of fun challenging shooting for a low price and not a lot of ammo. Slots are starting to fill in, so even though the match isn’t until October, I encourage you to get your entries in as soon as possible so we can hold your spot. Once we hit 75 shooters, entries will be capped.

There are also a few fun things included to make things different, including an all shotgun stage and a stage where you get to shoot “paint cans” off a fence.

So before you miss this match, ask yourself:

Are you ready for the final showdown in Angel and the Badman?
Ready for the final confrontation with Murphy on Chisum?
Ready to test your shotgun skills with the Swede’s work in El Dorado on an all shotgun stage?
Ready to face off with Santa Ana from the fort in The Alamo?
Ready to knock paint cans off the fence posts like the Duke in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance?
Ready to face off against the Comanches in The Searchers?
Ready for the final saloon scene in The Shootist?
Ready to face off against bandits who are after your women and horses in The Undefeated?

If so, help pass the word….This is gonna be fun