Schedule Update-June Match

For those that are planning their 2015 shooting schedule, we had a scheduling conflict at the park, and our event was inadvertently double-booked with another major event. As a result, we need to cancel the June match at Heartland Public Shooting Park. Not to worry. We are still shooting all other scheduled matches, including the Iron Duke annual in October. We look forward to shooting with you during the upcoming season.

Do You Have Your Iron Duke Entry In Yet?

Well, Pilgrims, I sure hope you are making plans on shooting with us at the Iron Duke match in October. I know this is a ways away, but as you are making your shooting plans for 2015, don’t leave this match off of your list.

We have a limit of 75 shooters for this match, and so far we have received entries from three states. Don’t get left out of this chance to burn a lot of powder while taking part in stages designed on John Wayne movies. Because we are running the entire match in a single day, we had to cut off the entries at 75. We will be accepting a limited number of provisional entries once it sells out, but don’t miss your chance. The park will be providing a tasty lunch, and medals will be awarded to the top three in each category. All SASS categories will be honored, even if you are the only one shooting in your category.

The movies we will base the stages on are the following:

  1. Angel and the Badman
  2. Chisum
  3. El Dorado
  4. The Alamo
  5. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
  6. The Searchers
  7. The Shootist
  8. The Undefeated

There will also be a couple of twists to make the match interesting and different, included an “all shotgun” stages and one stage with some knockdown rifle targets.

Get your entries in before it is too late

Iron Duke Entry

Don’t miss out, Pilgrim!