September Monthly Shoot

Our numbers ere down quite a bit, as a lot of our regular members were at Gunsmoke having a ball, but we had beautiful cool weather for the group that did show up to shoot. We were also blessed with a couple of visitors who stopped by to learn about cowboy shooting and they seemed to have a blast and it sounds like they may be joining us next year

This was our last monthly shoot before the Iron Duke, and thanks to all that came out. We used the ticket office, the saloon, and the cave for this shoot

Results for the match are as follows:

match finaltt Main Match 09192015

match final extrastt6 Main Match 09192015

Iron Duke-Who’s Coming

I have received some questions about who is coming to the Iron Duke. Now we have a small group so far, but no matter what, we are gonna have a blast. If you were on the fence about this match, we still have room for you. If you are still planning on coming, please contact me to let me know the entry is coming.

Current Who’s coming list:

  • Skid Roper
  • Major Art Tillery  
  • Two Gun Papa
  • Shalako Wray
  • Grizzly Dave
  • Panhandle Kate
  • Sandhiller
  • Flint Hills Dawg
  • Black Jack Ketchem
  • Buick MacKane
  • Calico Mary
  • Bulldog Brown
  • Young’s Angel
  • Richie Reno
  • Pit Mule
  • Dog Man
  • Fence Cutter
  • Stirrup Trouble
  • Dalton Masterson
  • D.B. Belle
  • Travelin’ Travis
  • Shady Willie Brown
  • Platte Valley Kid

We have some unique stages planned, and hope you all enjoy them. Tentative posse lists are completed and will be released when we get closer to the date in case they need to change due to additional shooters.