Update On Iron Duke Match Categories

In talking to one of the local cowboys today, it came to my attention that there may have been some categories left off of the entry form for the Iron Duke match. Rest assured, if any SASS official category was left off, it was merely an oversight on our part. One example that was brought up was Senior Duelist. In this example, on the entry form, simply circle “senior” and “duelist” on the entry form. If there are any other categories that I missed, such as the new Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter, simply hand write the category on the entry form when you send it in.

This match is all abut fun for all the shooters, and if there is a SASS category that you shoot, we will honor it. We plan to honor all categories with awards for the top three, so even if you are the only one in your category, you will receive an award. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to honor any of the “rogue” categories. Sorry about any confusion on the forms.

Writen by BigTex