Saloon Progress

Well, the wind and a few sprinkled didn’t help out yesterday, but we did make some progress on the saloon. Got a fresh coat of brown stain on a lot of the outside walls, and some of the inside ones. The wind wasn’t helpful for ladder work, so I still have the upper part to go. We were also able to get all the loose boards tightened back up, so it is pretty solid again. Now it just needs the stain finished, lettering put up, and finish the dressing up.

Jacob and Toby, the honorary cowboys at Heartland Public Shooting Park, are going to break out the dremel to make new letters for the saloon and the bank.

Today I was able to get out into my shop to make some new signs to put up on the outside of the saloon. As you can see, they are a little rough, but that was by design. After all, we ain’t no fancy place like Kansas City. Things get a little rough in our town with all the gunplay. Hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to shooting with you soon.




Writen by BigTex