Old West History Come Alive

If you are like most SASS members, one of the major appeals for you was the historical feel of our sport. We all love the shooting, but there is nothing like taking a step back in time for a day to dress up like our heroes from the past to battle evil doers for a day alongside some good friends.

As we read through the Chronicle, on top of the news on the various shoots and new equipment, we were also drawn to a regular column about little known people from the old west. SASS member Joe Fasthorse, #48769, has released a book chronicling some of the unknown gunfighters that lived and traveled across the old west, and it makes for an interesting read. We get a chance to peek into a part of the west that was ignored by dime novels and Hollywood to get a taste of the reality that was the gunfighter during those days.

SASS members can pick up a copy of this book from the following link for only $12.50, and with the chill of Winter approaching, I can’t think of a better way to spend the time waiting until it is time for cowboy action shooting to return:


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