New Rulebooks Released

As with any sport, there coms a need to make updates and changes to the rule books. This is both to cover new situations and technologies that have come up, as well as to clarify existing riles so they are easier to understand and to eliminate gray area. We have uploaded the latest edition of the rule books that were just released.

They can be found here:

2015 Rulebooks

Some of the clarifications include the following:

  • When shooting in a combined category, such as Senior Gunfighter, the rules affecting the dress, shooting style, etc of the costume or style category will apply first, and then the age category. This will ensure that they meet the requirements of the core category before clamining the age category.
  • Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter has been added as a category, which is a gunfighter style o shooting using black powder.
  • In Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl, the side by side must have manual external hammers, faux hammers are not allowed.
  • Ladies may wear dresses in B-Western category.
  • When finishing with a long gun, the shooter must clear the long gun. If the lever closes or the shotgun closes after being cleared, the shooter does not have to open it. However, at the end of the shooting string, the shooter will need to open it for the TO and if any rounds or cases are in the chambers, the appropriate penalties will apply. Only the shooter may open and show the long gun to the TO if it closes.
  • As stated in previous editions, shooting on the move is not allowed and will result in a SDQ.
  • The TO cannot override the spotters on misses, but he may question the location of hits.
  • Reminder that it is bad course design to end with the rifle.
  • Two SDQs will result in a match DQ. Due to questions, this has been clarified, and this includes two distinct actions on the same stage. For example, dropping an unloaded firearm on a stage is a SDQ. If they sweep someone on the way to the unloading table, that is a second distinct action on the ame stage that would earn a SDQ, and the net result would be a MDQ.
  • Just as a clarification: A gunfighter may utilize any shooting sequence that is available for any other category, as long as they do it one handed. They do not have to alternate pistols. This is often the fastest way, but they may shoot one pistol, and then the other.

Writen by BigTex