Monthly Match 16 July 2016

For those of you that are in need of a cowboy action shooting match, we will be shooting the morning of 16 July at Heartland Public Shooting Park. Check in will begin at 8:00am, and we will have the safety meeting on the range about 9:00am with the lead to start flying shortly thereafter.

Six fun filled stages are planned, utilizing our wagon/open stage, the railroad ticket office, and the new hotel.

The stages will be the following:

  • Horse Thieves
  • Open Range
  • Outlaw Capture
  • Painted Ladies
  • Prisoner Transport
  • Private Army

We hope you can join us, and if you just want to come out to watch, there is no charge to watch, but we ask that you wear earplugs and eye protection just to keep you safe.

Let’s saddle up and play cowboy!


Writen by BigTex