Interested In An RO Class?

Just a quick note to anyone who might be interested. Out territorial governor has graciously offered to come out to Heartland Public Shooting Park to teach the RO classes to get people certified if they would like. I would like to get a group together so the trip is worth their time, even though they offered to teach the classes to a single person if necessary. Even if you are not a SASS member but are interested in learning more about the sport, or if you simply want to add another feather to your RO certification list, this is a good opportunity to learn some new skills.

Special note: Don’t let the lack of a SASS membership stop you from taking the class. You do not need to be a SASS member to take the RO-1 course.

If you are interesting in some more information or would like to sign up for the course, please contact us and we will let you know when we have some dates set

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