First Match of the Year is in the Books

We would like to thank the brave cowboys and cowgirls that braved the heat and humidity to shoot with us this morning. We weren’t a big posse, but everyone worked together well and we had a blast. We would like to give a special thank you to JD Nevada and Charming, who came all the way up from Las Vegas to join us. It was a pleasure hosting you, and we look forward to your next trip north.

The day started with a couple of stages featuring our newly rebuilt and painted wagon with a lot of movement across the bay. Next we moved on to a couple of stages featuring the repainted jail with some movement but not as much as the first two stages. Knowing the heat was going to be up there, we finished the day with a couple of stand and deliver stages using the freshly painted grocery store. Overall, a nice variety of movement and sweeps. A few of the sweeps were new to the shooters in this region.

Below you can see a few pictures from today, as well as the scores and a link to the stage designs.

Stages from Today

Match Final Scores

Score Details

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