2016 Iron Hero Match

As we mentioned at the Iron Duke match earlier this month, in 2016 we plan to continue the Iron Hero tradition with an eight stage, one day match to push everyone’s skills and stamina in a fun, different cowboy action shooting match. The theme for this year is:

Randolph Scott

All eight stages will be based on Randolph Scott movies, and each stage will be based on a different scene from a different movie, complete with a starting line being a movie line from that scene.

The movies chosen for the 2016 match are:

  • Jesse James
  • Comanche Station
  • Decision at Sundown
  • Colt .45
  • Rage at Dawn
  • 7th Cavalry
  • Ride Lonesome
  • Wagon Wheels

Preparations have already begun. We are planning on using even more buildigns and props, and we are also planning on using the new hotel that we built as well. 

The tentative date has been set for October 15, 2016, and as last year, in order to get everyone through the match in a day, the limit is set at 75 shooters. As a thank you to new members of SASS, we are offering a $5 discount on the match fees to anyone that is a new member of SASS in 2015 or 2016. By the end of November, once the park schedule is finalized for 2016, we will have entry forms and the discount coupons available. Get your entries in early. You don’t want to miss this match. It will be bigger and better than the Iron Duke!

Cost for the match is $50, and that includes lunch and a day with smiles. Entries after September 1 will be $10 more

Let’s Ride!

Writen by BigTex