2015 Match Fees Announced

After discussing our match fees with the superintendent of the park, the decision was reached to keep the match fees at their current $15 for our monthly matches.

We were hoping to be able to drop the fees to match some of the other shoots in the state, but as was pointed out, the city has invested tens of thousands of dollars into our existing props and cowboy targets, and despite our low attendance numbers over the last few years, they also gave us a commitment to put additional money into repairing and upgrading the props over the off season so we will have a fresh look in the spring.

At least at the beginning of the season, we will not be including a lunch with our matches. I am hoping that maybe we can have a few of them be potluck lunches where we all can bring something to share. If we get our attendance numbers up, it will be easier to bring out food service for the match.

Want to save money on your match fees? We will be setting up the matches the weekend before the match (dates/times will be announced on this site). Any cowboys that come out and set up the match with us will get a $10 discount on your match fees, so for a couple hours of effort, you will get to shoot the monthly match for only $5

We look forward to seeing you join us, and the only strangers are those that haven’t come out to shoot with us yet. Once you come out once, you are family.

Writen by BigTex