Update on Special Events

If I have left anyone off, or if you guy know of anyone who can help, feel free to forward this information to them. I wanted to keep everyone in the loop on what is going on with special events:


  • October 1 Monthly Match: I will be out of town through Saturday. If I get back in time I will be there, but if not, Skunk Stomper will be running the match for me. If I am not able to be there, please just take a picture of scoresheets with a phone and text them to me, and I can get the results online that night so the scores do not get lost. To save on setup time for the Hero match, three of the stages will be Hero stages, and the other three will be shooting variations of them. That ensures that we only need to set up five stages and the side match for the Hero setup
  • Iron Hero Match: Things are progressing well. Once the park sends me the final shooter list, I will finalize posses and awards. Once the shooters books are printed and I have the packets, I will get the packets for shooters built. The park will be taking care of the lunches. Once I know when we will have access to the ranges to set up, I will let you guys know. I will be out of town the weekend before the Hero match. Barring a large influx of last minute shooters, it looks like we will be running two posses for the match. I have arranged enough door prizes to where everyone will get a door prize
  • 2018 State Match: Things are coming right along. Worked on a lot of sponsors and we are getting in quite a few door prizes. Even if we sell out, there is a decent chance that everyone will get a door prize. I have promises of two hand made quilts to raffle off for the SASS Scholarship Fund. Shooter book rough draft and stages are completed. One thing I could use some help with. If anyone has any experience in putting together a banquet or dinner or has any ideas on where to hold it, I would gladly take the help in that area. If you can be available to assist with side match day (April 13), please let myself or Skunk Stomper know
  • Work Days: Once we get through with the Hero match, we need to have a few work days to gussy up the props and build some more, depending on how much funding we can get from the park. So, put on your thinking caps on ideas for props and things that need to happen. Some of the things we need to do: Freshen paint on horses and cows, new platform on gallows and paint, we need to build a small platform to shoot from to set next to a roofline for one of the state stages, we could use a few more sections of fence, and I would like to build a new false front or two (even if just something simple we need to prop up using fence posts). If you have any weekends available after the Hero, please let me know. The more help we get, the easier this match will be.


I will also post this info to our Facebook page and the club website. Thank you all for all of your efforts.


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