Making Your Practice Count

A lot of times, we go to the range to practice and blow through a couple of hundred rounds, thinking we had a good practice session. Maybe we did, and maybe we didn’t. You can have just as effective (or maybe more effective) of a practice session with a single box of ammunition. Once again, we want to practice technique, so we create the good habits in a match that will allow us to continue to improve.

Practice is all about learning better techniques for transitions, loading, and making the skills second nature. We are not shooting bulls-eye targets at 200 yards. Most of us can easily line up and hit the targets in a typical match, so we need to eliminate the wasted times and efforts that hurt our scores.

This is an excellent video with some good training tips. Follow these techniques and you can have effective training sessions without breaking the bank on your ammo budget.

Writen by BigTex